Tuesday, April 06, 2010

When Advertising Pisses Me Off

I haven't had a decent rant in a long time. For the most part I try not to make my blood pressure rise to unimaginable levels but you know what? Sometimes people be TESTING me.

Like the geniuses behind THIS ad.

NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Abortion is going to change you. It's going to make you not be pregnant anymore. DUH-MOTHERFUCKING-UH! This upset me for two reasons. One, it's assuming that women are stupidly opting for surgical solutions to pregnancy all willy-nilly. This advertisement is allowing a few harlots make the rest of us who make INFORMED decisions seem careless and mindless.

And two because they're making it seem like your whole world will implode and melt away into the sewer after you have an abortion. As if afterward you will find yourself wondering aimlessly through the world, feeling like something is missing until you realize... *cue violins* "I had an abortion. And it changed me!"

*side eye*

UGH... the propaganda I have to deal with on an otherwise yuppie-free train ride...

Listen, I'm not trying to make light of the situation. Deciding to get an abortion is real serious shit for sure. And maybe a handful of women fall apart after the procedure. But this ad just makes my skin crawls; there has to be a better non-retarded way to offer pregnancy counseling.

This shit right here? It SCREAMS of the Religious Right inching their way into my uterus and lookie here- I already got some damn fibroids and scar tissue residing in there- ain't no room for no more motherfuckers.

Especially religious ones.

*smooches...missing the days of Dr. Zizmor ads on the subway*
remember him, the skin guy? is he still around? I could stand to see him for a quick consultation...