Monday, April 12, 2010

Seven Goddamn Bags Of Laundry...And Other Musings

Hello and welcome to another week at the crazy house. Here are some words for you to devour like Vicodin with a whiskey chaser. Oh, what... just me then?

"Do I LOOK like I Fell Off The Turnip Truck?"

Tell me Miss Olivia don't look like that's exactly what she's saying and I'll call you a LIAR!

Celebrate Poetry!
I know you know I couldn't let April pass us by without doing a Monday Musings episode honoring National Poetry Month, right? Right. Well the show is tonight tonight tonight!!

My guest host tonight is Judith Angeles, poetess extraordinaire! She will be discussing her craft, reading some selections from her chapbook He Art: Pieces of a Whole and giving props to some of her favorite poets. We also expect you all to call in with either a favorite poet story OR an original poem. Okay? Okay!

So tune in... you know you want to.

Seven Goddamn Bags Of Laundry
That's what I ended up with after an all-day Spring Cleaning Fest on Sunday. UGH UGH UGH! Someone shoot me now. Laundry is such a pain in my ass. Just the thought of loading up the shopping cart, walking the 5blocks to the laundromat, feeding my money into those machines and then having to WAIT for the clothes to get washed... I could soooo be doing something else with my time.

And don't even get me started on having to hang them on the line and then having to fold them and THEN having to put them in their place. This can't be life. IT CAN'T. Please, if you love me, send HELP!!

(Shout out to Minnie who gave up her Sunday afternoon to help me clean & even unclogged my bathroom sink. Thanks, mama!!)

Letters I'll Never Send
Did I forget to mention that I launched the site last week? Yeah, sorry about that. So, um, I launched the site last week, finally! Exciting, right?

*drum roll* Here it is: Letters I'll Never Send, the blog! You like?

To date I've only gotten a handful of letters from people who had things to get off their chest. Because of this I'm only updating every Monday as opposed to everyday. Once the site gets rolling and submissions start pouring in, who knows? I may have to hire an assistant to stay on top of it :)

This Is Why I'm Fat
Everywhere I go I always seem to target certain foods: Buffalo wings, french fries, and this frosty beverage seen here:

Is there anything better in life (or worse for a healthy diet) than a blue raspberry slushee?

* glad On The Run is a way away*
otherwise I'd be there alllllllll the time buying slushees as if they were a staple of my diet. which they kind of are but that's besides the point. oh shut up!