Friday, April 02, 2010

When ADHD Attacks

My brain just exploded all over your monitor. Quick- grab a mop or something!

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Olivia!! Congratulations on making it to age 3 without getting stomped to the ground by Irene. YAY!

2. I haven’t been to Boston or DC since TOO LONG! I miss my second homes and the people who live there. What has become of my life that I can’t even travel locally?

3. Mami joined Facebook; immediately following that my online world imploded. If you’ve noticed that my page has become Fort Knox all of a sudden, now you know why.

4. “If I leave here tomorrow, please don’t ask why. There was nothing but sorrow, it wasn’t how I planned…”

5. I’m unveiling a couple of sites on Monday: one for my writers’ workshop and the almost forgotten Letters I’ll Never Send. I have letters from people already for the latter, but feel free to submit one of your own at:

6. My next literary reading is on April 24th at Brownstone Books in BedStuy, and we’re actively seeking writers to participate. Please note that after the reading we will probably head on over to Peaches for some “punch” and “hot men watching” to which you’re also invited.

7. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, one of the people I follow (@wisdomismisery) posted an old picture of himself that was YUMALICIOUS, and as a compliment I replied with: Helllloooooo, NURSE! and he didn’t get the reference. Huh? Am I that old? Or were Mari and I the only ones obsessed with Animaniacs back in the day?

8. If you come across a gay bar called Fellatio’s, ask the bar manager if he offers his employees benefits. I’m particularly interested in their dental plan.

9. It’s another Friday with no date here at Casa Jaded. Y’all are slippin’. How is it possible that I get 40+ visitors a day and not a damn one of y’all hookers n hos have found me a suitable date? BOOOOOOO!

10. I don’t plan on leaving my apartment all weekend. Wait, that’s a lie; I may go to the library or the park depending on the weather, but I don’t plan to do any socializing. I may not answer my phone or bbm, either. Why? Sheeeeiiiiiit, why not?!

*smooches…thriving on such little sleep I barely know what year it is*
it’s all for the greater good but still… ME TIRED!!! *passes out*