Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Will Know He's The One If...

...I allow myself to cry in front of him

...he meets none of my "LIST" criteria yet I cannot stop thinking of him

...he has a last name that will complement the name Altagracia (should we have a daughter)

...I feel safe when he holds me

...he makes me laugh until I pee my pants

...he doesn't care if I pee my pants when I laugh

...I don't think twice before bringing him around my friends

...I refuse to write about him in this blog

...I start to act all domestic

...he gives me a Montblanc fountain pen instead of a diamond solitaire when he proposes

*smooches...still too Jaded to recognize him*
I've kinda resigned myself to the single life. If he shows up, awesome. If not? Well, there's always porn...