Monday, February 15, 2010

Promises...And Other Musings

Good weekend? Yeah? Me kinda, too.

New Favorite Product
Two weekends ago Eb the Celeb DRAGGED me to a speed dating event. Yes, DRAGGED. Y'all know me- that's not how I roll. But she's my girl and was supporting her friend Kel Spencer so I couldn't say no to that. We're all in the struggle and I'm down for helping. After the event (no...I didn't meet anyone with whom I cared to keep in touch) we got goody bags that included samples of shampoo & conditioner, a brand I had never heard of called Perfect Results.

On Thursday I washed Ks hair with it and OH. MY. GOD. It made her hair so soft and shiny. Even SHE noticed the difference. I didn't get a chance to press it so I don't know what it looks like when completely straight, but blown out it was amazing. Now, we've only used the shampoo & conditioner so I can't speak on any of the other products, but next time I'm at Ricky's I will be looking for this line of hair care, for sure!

Get Ready To Take Notes Tonight
It's been a hot minute since we've had a Parenting 101 segment on Monday Musings so what better time than the present.

On tonight's show we will focus on siblings, your child's/children's education and of course, discipline. Bring your notebooks and your questions; this WILL be on the final.

Once when I visited Mari in DC, we went to see the Jim Henson exhibit at the museum and I picked up the cutest little book, It's Not Easy Being Green.

I only sort of read through it until this weekend and I came across a quote that spoke to me:

"I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me." -Kermit

Friday I explained to you about my issues with follow-thru and this speaks to that. I usually only finish something if someone else is counting on me, but when it's for me I slack off. My thesis, my novel, getting my money in order, organizing my apartment, getting in shape, being open to new dating experiences, abstaining from certain vices- all promises I made to myself that were laid to the wayside just because. Sad but true. This is something I've decided to work on during 2010 for sure.

I've really got to learn to put myself first sometimes. It's so hard for me but if I can enforce my "NO" policy a little bit more when asked to do something for others I think it can happen.

Someone Take My Gmail Away
While watching last week's episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine, in which she asked her ex-husband for his sperm in order to have another baby, I got the BRIGHT idea to ask C the same thing.

1- I'd like to give a huge side eye to all my Twitter friends who did NOT stop me from sending such a crazy email and

2- I especially want to give The F$%k-It List the side eye for claiming that C is still in love with me. HE'S SO NOT!

That said...he agreed to it. And yes, I died a hundred deaths when I received his reply.

Let's clarify. What I asked was:
What if on the brink of menopause I wanted another baby...would you donate your sperm? That way all the kids have the same parents. Yes? No?

And he replied:
I guess I would. I mean I still care about you and would want to help out if that was something you wanted. I'm sure it would lessen the anxiety the girls would have.

So I don't think he's in love with me...he's just a good friend. Right? RIGHT?

LORD if his fiance didn't hate me before...

*smooches...wondering how much it costs to freeze my eggs*
let's face it, folks, it's not such a crazy idea. think about it- my kids would all have the same dad and I won't have to worry about what the kid will look like and I already know he's a good dad. wait- did I just talk myself into it??? *dead*