Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm A Blogger's Blogger, Your Favorite, Ain't I?! Ain't I?!

Excuse me a minute while I sing my own praises...

...and rant about something that's been on my mind for a minute. I just need to spell some things out for a few people.

I started blogging regularly in 2006 BY REQUEST. A few friends decided that the world needed to be exposed to my crazy meanderings so I gave it a try. A measly three and a half years later if I take a small break I get complaints. COMPLAINTS. Emails that say, "What am I supposed to do all week if you're not blogging?" Written in jest, I'm sure, but laden with some truth, too.

When I went private this summer, some people panicked and were like, "BITCH WHERE'S MY INVITE?!" And that was an actual email I got from someone...I won't call you out; you know who you are.

I don't pander for comments or ads; I do this because I like to. I haven't changed this layout is GOD KNOWS how long and nan one of y'all have said a word. I'm often told I should make this a cash cow but beyond The Jaded Bodega I have zero interest in that. The donation button on the right is probably as far as I'll go.

I gots homies in GERMANY reading this shyt. Germany! My shit is international, yo! Whatchu know about that?! (OK, that was rather pushing the boundaries of cockiness, but bare with me- there's a point I'm trying to make, I swear!)

Some people take this blogging for dollars business too far but I'll tell you what- I read a lot of blogs and I've YET to click on any of the advertisers on anybody's site. Not even DOOCE and she's my blogging hero. So what am I gonna waste my time with that nonsense for? Worrying about SEO words and who's on the blogroll and whatnot... Fuck I care about all that?

You come here for words. The words of a NY writer, born of immigrant parents from Santo Domingo. A divorcee with two young daughters and a crazy group of family and friends that provide her with enough material to blog until her eighties (I'm looking at YOU Mari, Irene and Jack!).

You come here to read about her ups and downs and side to sides. You wait for the funny shit her kids say and the pictures of what her wild ass 'fro is looking like this week. You hope that she'll let you read some of her creative work but are satisfied with tales of what she did on Saturday night, even if all she did was lay on the couch and contemplate death.

Some can't wait for her to find HIM and others hope she never does, because the MR. WRONG tales are much better than the MR. RIGHT ones.

She's shown you her over-sized belly and her naked baby photos. She's told you her inner most secrets while withholding others, and through it all you check in every day to see what's new.

And listen- I'm not trying to be boastful. You like Jaded. She's funny, smart, friendly, bat-shit crazy and on occasion a lil bit sex-ay. Hey, I like her, too. But, I, Raquel, just wanted you to know that I know why you keep coming here, and it ain't for Google ads (nope, not here!) and it ain't for the flashy layout (black n white n red...oooh, FANCY!) or the name dropping (again...don't have any of those).

I know you come here for Jaded's words. And trust me, she knows a lot of them and she's not afraid to use them.

It's pretty safe to say that's what you'll always find here; if it's not what you came for, please, allow me to show you the way out... *grabs machete off the wall*

*smooches...with a mega-dose of realness, as usual*
you don't come here for the know I DON'T DO cuddles unless I've given birth to you, and even then it's a crap-shoot!