Monday, February 08, 2010

No Me Siento Bien

I had a post ready to go up today but I'm really sick right now. And not in the "Raquel hears Voices and is acting nutty" way but in the physically ill, puking my guts out sick kind of way.

I have zero idea what brought this on: I did not drink this weekend, nor did I eat anything strange or new. But that didn't stop me from being slapped awake at nearly five this morning with an overwhelming desire to purge.

My guess is that my stress, anxiety and depression cocktail are manifesting itself in an actual ailment, or, as WebMD puts it, I have "Cancer of the Everything."

I hate that site.

If I feel better later I'll send out a notice about Monday Musings. Otherwise consider me out of commission for all of today.

*no smooches...because I probably still have vomit breath*
feel free to stop over here and pamper me; the role of Raquel's nurse has yet to be filled :(