Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fuck The Police, But Only In Theory

I am not naive to the corruption that exists in police departments across the U.S., especially here with our very own Boys in Blue. They do have a tendency to be mean for no reason, have a penchant for racial profiling and on many occasions have been a little too fast with the baton and the gun. I get all that.

I can also understand that being a police officer includes a level of stress that many of us will never have to experience. You and I go to the office and at most we have to deal with that bitch in accounting who likes to talk your ear off or the guy in sales who is a total pervert or your boss, the idiot, who wouldn't know a personality if it bit him in the face.

A police officer goes to work everyday, much like a soldier in the armed forces, with the knowledge that it could very well be his last, because that's the nature of the beast. "You live by the sword..." then dammit, that might just be how you meet your maker.

Keeping that in mind, I find it hard to understand those people that feel it is appropriate to pick a fight with a cop. Regardless of what the officer did or is doing, how does one not realize that going up against an armed officer is going to end well for them? Where is the logic in that? I'm not advocating for being a punk and allowing yourself to be a victim, but there are proper channels for handling an out-of-pocket police officer, and getting in his face while he's questioning you is probably NOT the best time.

Exhibit A: I knew this guy, we'll call him Urkel (inside joke), who was sort of woo-ing me pretty hard until one day he told me a tale that turned me off for good. He was leaving a family member's house, walking towards his car in the late night to head to work and was stopped by a patrol car. Now this was a few months ago so the details of the story are a bit choppy in my Swiss cheese brain, but what I do remember is that he sassed the officers from jump. And this isn't me making a judgment call; he admitted to having an attitude because: "I didn't like how disrespectful they were when they approached me, so I don't think I needed to show them any respect." Oh REALLY?

I don't know about you all, but if a police officer stopped me because I fit the description of a criminal they are looking for, the last thing I'm going to want to do is give them a reason to haul me into the station. I'm going to ask what I'm being questioned/stopped for and I will furnish them with identification, but I will NOT become aggressive or flippant or roll my eyes or challenge them, and I really don't think this is something a grown ass man should have to be told.

If you already know cops are trigger-happy assholes, why give them a reason? Why raise your voice? Why the attitude? Seriously, for all those cops know you ARE the criminal they are looking for, and that duffel bag you're carrying isn't your work uniform but rather a sawed off shotgun or your ex-girlfriend's chopped up remains. The point is police officers are probably taught to expect the worse every time they stop someone, so YOU'RE stank-ass, righteous indignation isn't going to make the point you think it's going to make. Chances are those cops went home and told their buddies about some stupid ni**er that tried to come out his face when stopped for questioning, and how they almost had to kick his ass. I'll put my rent money on that.

So while Urkel is telling his story- getting angrier by the minute and YELLING through the phone at me- I'm seeing this side of him that is NO BUENO. I try to calm him down (well what I actually said was "First of all you're gonna watch what tone of voice you use with me..." because I keeps it real!) and explain to him the other side of the story, seeing as I have police officers and military folk in my family and circle of friends, but he continued to go off on his rant.

And again, I get it, I understand. It's hard to always be seen as a criminal and stopped and questioned and made to feel like shit because of your age or skin color but DAMN. That is no excuse to lose your fucking mind. Or your life.

Blog fam- talk to me. What are your thoughts on this?

*smooches...confused by crazy troll logic*
he seriously was not trying to hear my point of view and refused to see where he played a part in having this turn from a simple questioning into an all-out incident. Right then and there I decided-RED FLAG- and stopped taking his calls...