Monday, February 01, 2010

I Didn't Throw Up!...And Other Musings

I hope you all had a good weekend because I most certainly did!

Reading Will Get You Through The Cold
That's my tonight on Monday Musings Brother Omi and I will have a good and proper list of deliciously readable books for all of you stuck in the middle of Winter Hell with us.

We also have a special guest, author Dorian Smith of Big Apple Style who'll chat with us about her new book, Mind Games, available NOW at for you Kindle (if you have one of those god-awful contraptions...hmph!)

So tune in suckas, or I'll show up at your door and slap you with a book!

It's Dangerous When We're BOTH Single
So my sweet girl and fiance, Cathi, is newly single again, and we figured what better way to celebrate that with a trip to NYC, right? And I'm so glad she did because on top of all the fun we always have together, she was my support system during this very crazy weekend.

But back to the crazy... all I have to say about this weekend is...

Friday Night's Best Quote: "You already have your dick all up my ass, the least you could do is buy me a drink!"

Saturday Night's Best Quote: "That's my SHIT!"

Sunday Night's Best Quote: "Feel free to eat all the balls you want!"

I won't even describe the context in which we used these quotes nor who said what; I'll just leave you there wondering why you didn't join Cathi & I on our adventures this weekend!

I Didn't Throw Up!
My literary reading was yesterday and WOO HOO the feedback was really good! Apparently we all rock (which I guess I already knew) the venue was perfection and most importantly, I didn't puke my guts out before the event began.

I want to thank everybody who participated:
Judy Angeles
Jason Baumann
Rebeca Toledo
Theresa Varela
Jose Vilson

And my twitter/blog buddies and fellow creatives Tiffany of Write in BK and Vixon (who taped the whole shebang for us) of Video Vix[o]n. I also want to shout out my family that came out- Mami, Minnie and Titi Gloris, and last but not least, Brownstone Books in BedStuy for letting us use the space for our very first event.

I'm actually excited for the next one...and I'd tell you more about it here but NAH- you either have to tune in to Monday Musings tonight to hear about it or wait until tomorrow's blog.

Oh, and everybody who didn't show? Expect a visit from Lady Estrogen. That is all.

I Call Bullshit On The Grammys
1- Because I did not give Beyonce or Sasha Fierce permission to cover "You Outta Know"

2- Because Maxwell's first grammy win was NOT included during the big televised event

3- And because Slash totally disappointed me with his performance during Jamie Foxx's hot mess of a "Blame It" performance:

Don't believe me? Listen to Estranged:

Now listen to the riff he played on Sunday (at the 4:28 mark):

For some reason, that really bothered me... In other Grammy news, I outscored Smarty on the little Grammy Predictions competition we had going AND Hall and Oates didn't win for Sara Smile. Yay for me, too bad so sad for Smarty, John and Daryl.

If you ask me, poverty aside, this was not a bad way for me to close out the month.

*smooches...ready for February's fuckery*
because we all know my life is just not the same without a ton of fuckery...