Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Good weekend? Not for me. But alas, I keep on keeping on. I don't have a choice...

The Belly Is (Sorta) Back
I've been stress eating. I think I've gained 3 pounds but I don't know for sure because I hid my scale this summer and now I don't know where I put it. Don't roll your eyes at me- three pounds doesn't sound like much to you, but all three pounds are currently residing in my belly, where it threatens me with a fatal heart-attack daily. Why couldn't they have gone to my ass, huh? That's where I need it! NOT in my belly, dammit. Hey, fat cells- get outta there! There's no room at the inn, carajo!

How My Body Keeps Equilibrium
As soon as I think I'm gaining too much weight, my brain sends a message throughout my body asking it to SHUT DOWN operations, as seen with yesterday's stomach virus cancer bug thing. I no longer have an extra three pounds lingering around my midsection; I threw it allllll up yesterday.

So those that follow me on Twitter might have guessed...I made up with the Dominican beisbol players this weekend as they brought the Caribbean Series Championship home again after letting Venezuela borrow it for a lil bit last year.

Whenever things like that happen I get sour about the fact that I live where I live and not in Washington Heights where they were dancing in the streets, I'm sure, flags in hand no matter the bitter cold.

And Speaking Of Dominicanos...
I was thinking as I watched all those fine ass Dominican peloteros while chillin in my crib (he he) that perhaps I have unjustly refused to date Dominican men because of two bad experiences. Well THREE if you count the AWESOME example of manhood that is William R. Penzo. Like, what if Mr. Right is from Santiago and I'm over here giving him the stink eye because his "eenglish is no very good looking" or something? I'm the one missing out, right?

So I'm gonna widen my faux search for a life partner and spend more time uptown so I can accidentally on purpose meet me a cutie from San Pedro de Macoris. Who's with me? Please note: this will require me to check my bohemian Brooklyn girl look at the bridge so it won't be easy. But who knows, right? I'm just gonna open myself up to the possibility is all. No promises.

*smooches...glossing over the fact that my crush is over*
OH, did I not mention that? Yeah, it turns out it was just that rescue fetish I have. Now that it's worn off I'm over him. Back to Jadedness as usual. Carry on.