Thursday, May 10, 2007

Only in New York

Seen about town:

Getting His Groove On
There's this older white man who stands outside the Starbucks by my job with a little stereo in his bike basket. Every time I see him, he's playing a song that, well, you wouldn't expect an old white guy to listen to. Plus he's usually blinged out ala Run DMC- no lie! And while he's playing dance gems like R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt" and C&C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now" he's rockin' the smooth moves. That guy brightens up my weekdays!

Not You, Too!
I saw the weirdest thing, and maybe you've all seen this before but it was a first for me and really had me baffled. This petite, nicely dressed Asian woman...with ghetto fab nails! I mean, super long, airbrushed, silk-wrapped- the whole nine!! Interesting....

Simon Cowell Would L-O-V-E You
I used to love my electric blue iPod mini before it died, (and now I enjoy Minerva's iPod, lol!!) but ever since portable music players were "invented" there have been a slew of "singers" all over town and in the subways. They include the wannabe diva, the nasal nerd and the Gospel queen- all of whom, I'm sure, SWEAR they sound just as good as what's blowing in their ears. I'm sure.

If You're Pregnant, I'm From Glaxxnard!
Beggars these days have to have a gimmick or NYers like myself will just keep it moving and not pay them any mind. Last night, this one lady took the cake! She actually came around to everyone and said she was seven months pregnant- even went so far as to hold her belly in that typical pregnant stance- and needed money to buy a sandwich and a drink. Uh, excuse me dear, but I've been pregnant, twice, and I've been fat. Trust me, I know the difference. And so did all the other passengers- she got squat from my train car!

*smooches...forever Jaded, forever a NYer*
And love won't play any games with you
Anymore if you want 'em to
So we better shake this old thing out the door
I'll always be thinkin' of you
I'll always love you though New York