Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He's No John Cusack, But...

When I decided to become a writer/journalist, I imagined all the cool celebrities I would get an opportunity to meet on the red carpets of the world. Namely, my beloved John.

Today, although I was not hob-knobbing with the Justin Timberlakes and Sarah Jessica Parkers, I attended a press conference held by former President Bill Clinton.

And it was just as cool!

He, along with our fair Mayor Mikey B and London Mayor Ken Livingstone were announcing Clinton's foundation underwriting a program that would retrofit buildings throughout major cities of the world (only 16 so far!) to be more energy efficient. And they were able to get 4 major energy producers to back it and 5 major banks to finance it to the tune of $5 billion. Pretty neat, huh?

Just too bad my wack-ass Verizon camera phone (that's right VZ, I'm calling you out!!) took such janky pics, otherwise I would have posted them here.

This press conference was all a part of the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit that's been going on in Manhattan all week (clogging up the traffic on Central Park South), and, I don't know, maybe I'm getting old or growing up, or this inner peace thing is starting to take hold of me, but I was actually moved by the efforts put forth by the various municipalities of the world.

It sounds like a good deal and a great start. And I can't believe my Jaded little heart that the private sector is actually on board with this. That elected officials- across party lines, mind you- and money hungry Corporate America are actually taking the initiative to combat Global Warming. Creating jobs, cleaning up the air, attempting to de-congest the streets...never in my lifetime did I imagine it.

I know, you're a little afraid that I actually care about something. I'm scared, too. Next thing you know, I might actually *GASP* VOTE... in a GOVERNMENT ELECTION!!! Shudder to think...

* to grab a drink with Slick Willie and his Harlem Posse*
There was a window and by it stood
A mirror in which
He could see himself
He thought of something
Something he had never had but hoped would come along
Cry freedom, cry
From deep inside
Where we are all confined
While we wave hands in fire
Wave our hands