Friday, August 17, 2012

"You Want To Live Your Life As A Hummingbird..."

Tomorrow is my Schmookin-LaWooken's 12th birthday, and when I tell you her baby pictures brought tears to my eyes... especially because it's looking more and more like she'll be my last (in light of some heartbreaking news from my OB/GYN which we'll discuss later when I'm done with my pity party).

She came to me as this tiny, squooshable firecracker that always had that look on her face as if she were plotting to get into the cookie jar after bedtime. And now she's this amazingly smart and loveable girl, who is obsessed with building things, skateboards, Calico Critters, drawing pretty pictures, dropping epic and legendary one-liners ("My mind is a genius!"), basketball and Minecraft.

Tell me this isn't the cutest baby ever and I'll call you a LIAR!

And she can even break dance a little bit, because she's fearless like that.

She's the best cuddle bear a mom could ever hope for, and reminds me that not all tweens are longing to emulate the over-sexed starlets the media bombards us with.

N is already planning to design and build amazing structures when she grows up, in between winning gold medals in the Olympics and playing with her Build-A-Bear baby, Victoria. And taking over the world.

Who told her to grow up so damn fast, though?

Because she's fearless that way.

Happy Birthday, My Love!

*smooches...just for N today*
also, she chose that song, not me. just wanted to clear that up. I'M NO HIPSTER!