Monday, August 20, 2012

The Best Of The Jaded Weekend

Riding bikes w/N in the rain along a near-empty Lafayette Street in Manhattan; my first time on a bike since I was a teenager.

Me and the babies rocking out and singing along with "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys in the lower level of the SoHo Staples. And then following up that performance with another for Santana/Michelle Branch's "Game of Love" near the writing instruments. Staples wasn't ready for us.

Curry-in-a-Hurry, which I hadn't had since I stopped working in Gramercy Park.

Watching N's face light up when we walked into Blades on Broadway and I told her to go upstairs and pick out the skateboard of her dreams.

Giving K her new laptop (finally and long overdue) and hearing her squeal with joy. Add to that N's excitement at the replacement charger I got for the netbook. Yes, we are now a three-computer household. LAWD my ConEd bill...

Inviting my babies to sleep in the bed with me...because the lightening was freaking me the fuck out!

Watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in the late night and having the girls not only get the point of the film, but enjoy it, too.

Seeing Mami and Mari, however briefly, for a quick laugh.

Free ice cream and face painting at Dylan's Candy Bar for my lil Schmookins.

The birthday girl, getting high on sugar.

Knowing that The Famous Cozy Soup & Burger is still in business, and that their hot chocolate with whipped cream is still sinfully delicious when you're chilled to the bone.

Finally meeting up with a trainer at the gym. I've been slacking all summer.

Enjoying my Sunday afternoon to myself, watching old episodes of "Brothers & Sisters" on Netflix (you knew that was coming!) while the girls were out and about with Mami and Mari.

Redecorating and organizing my bathroom. At long last.

Seeing A.D.A. Robinette (actor Richard Brooks) on the platform of the 4/5 train at Fulton Street in Manhattan. I was so starstruck that I think I scared him off.

Coming to terms with a lot of things that haven't been right, and focusing on a plan to make it all better.

How was your weekend?

*smooches...using the fall impending fall as inspiration*
each new season brings such promise with it; I can't help but get excited!