Friday, August 24, 2012

Awesome Things To Help You Waste Time Online

What have I been doing all week instead of working on my novel? Throwing the ultimate of pity-parties for myself. And surfing the internet like a true web junkie.

In case you're dealing with something you'd rather avoid, too, here are the sites where I've been spending all my time lately:

Hidden Heroes -Bangsy! It reveals the inventor of FLIP FLOPS!!

100 Life Ruiners -People who remind you of what a failure/how ugly and useless you are...

Suri's Burn Book -Snark at its absolute best!

What Should We Call Me -I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good GIF??

99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One -For all my PR/media/communications folks

*smooches...sharing the procrastination tools I love the most*
nevermind that laundry; it'll get done. later.