Thursday, August 09, 2012

She's A Gypsy Like Me

We even have similar hair.

I love her and her wild tresses.

SANG it Rosario, SANG it!!

I hear this song and instantly I'm reminded of her sister Lolita, with whom I fell in love as a little girl. I have most of her records from the 80s and yes, I still play them when I'm home alone. Lolita was my total obsession when I was a kid.

(here are the sisters together)

How much talent can one family have? I love these ladies.

Here's some classic Lolita for you, too:

(with her mother, Lola)

(Lolita, singing one of my absolute favorites of hers)


Sometimes I think this is the only way I will ever see Spain. Through the Flores' music.

*smooches...traipsing through my living room, Flamenco-style*
no but for real, did you peep Rosario's hair?? She's my new 'fro idol!!