Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Monday, Buy My Book & Come Hear Me Read

It's been a long time coming, and I wish this was an announcement for my first novel or collection of short stories, but I won't dwell on that and just be happy for myself and this small achievement.

As of Monday, June 18, barring any laziness on my part or unforeseen crap from The Universe, you will be able to visit Amazon.com and purchase my book, My Ego Likes the Compliments...And Other Musings on Writing.

The book is a compilation of articles (read: blog posts) I've written over the years about my experience as a writer in New York City and all the craziness that comes with that.

Cover design and photos by Marcin Kaliski, artist to the stars!

I'm not sure if Amazon will let me make a bulk order and sell out of my cubby apartment, but either way, if you purchase a copy I'd be more than happy to sign it for you (obviously this only applies to my NYC readers) at a book release reception of sorts that I'll schedule for the end of June. A purchase link will be up next week so SAVE THE DATE!

*throws confetti*


If you're free on June 18, I will be at the NYC Open Mic Joint at the Nexus Lounge (76 East 1st Street) at 7PM. It would be nice to see a few friendly faces in the crowd as I try out some new material.

The Empire is busy, y'all; we're trying to make shit happen!

*smooches...full of excitement and anxiety*
If people don't buy my book I will truly cry myself to sleep every night!