Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fancy Jaded Cooking, vol. 1

Since I got a little smarter about what I eat I've had to be creative in the meals I prepare, especially since Frick and Frack are hating my very existence for switching to a modified Paleo lifestyle. K's exact words were "You won't let us eat ANYTHING!!" Typical dramatic 16-year-old. So I make an extra effort to incorporate things they will eat and throw in some stuff they don't like but will compromise on.

The other day I made a dish that made them happy and even got them eating SOME veggies, even if it was only a piece or two. It was "breaded" jerk shrimp on a bed of steamed mushrooms and green beans. Delicious!

How cute are my dishes, though?

I'm not the type to measure stuff for recipes- I'm a sight-cook like all the women in my family. It's how I learned, but the ballpark of it is like this:

1- Season the shrimp with lime, jerk seasonings (dry or wet) and whatever other stuff you usually add to shrimp. Just don't go overboard and confuse the flavors or make it too salty.

2- Coat the shrimp with almond or coconut meal. I don't use flour anymore and either one of these have made a pretty decent substitute.

3- Pan "fry" in a little bit of olive oil until done. Shrimp doesn't take long.

4- Throw the mushrooms (I use sliced baby bella) in with the shrimp at the last minute and cover so they can cook in the steam; cook the green beans separately.

5- Assemble in a fancy-schmancy way to disguise the fact that there's no bread or rice on your plate, top with homemade guacamole (optional) and enjoy!

Let me know if you try this at home and if it was as delicious as mine!

*smooches...thanking meals like this for my new waistline*
just more proof that healthy eating can still be fun and tasty; why didn't I ever do this before?!?!