Friday, June 01, 2012

A Jaded Moment In History Presents: A Friend For Life

You ever think back to the day you first met one of your closest friends and pinpoint the exact moment you knew this new person would be in your life forever? Last week I experienced this as I remembered how Celia and I became BFFs. (She's probably going to be embarrassed by this but whatever; she'll get over it!)

AU selected us to be roommates but we got along right away. In fact, we got along better than any of the other roommates on our whole floor! But it wasn't until this one crucial moment that I knew we were a match made in the ResLife office.

Young Jaded + Celia in an AU photo studio

I had just started dating my now ex-husband, C, and I'd slept over his dorm after spending a whole evening with him. NO JUDGMENTS. That morning, C and I were talking and he said something to the effect of "Don't take what we have too seriously" or "Don't fall for me" implying that we weren't a real couple (I'M SO STUPID FOR NOT PICKING UP ON THAT SIGN!). I was so hurt and enraged that I stormed out before he could see me cry and stomped all the way across the valley to my dorm room, tears and snot clouding my vision.

I burst open the door to my room and Celia's there with one of our classmates, and in between sobs I explained how that jerk hurt my feelings, etc, throwing myself on my bed oh-so-dramatically. Then Celia said, "Don't worry, we still love you! And look what we got you!" She pointed to the area next to my bed and what did I see? My beautiful roommate had swiped some townie's mailbox. Just for me.

Older + Wiser at a Stamford Bar. Allegedly.

Instantly I forgot all about that morning and my sobs turned into hysterical laughter. In that moment everything was right in the world (well, maybe not for the townie who was now missing a mailbox...).

Who knew that the cure for a broken heart was a stolen mailbox? Celia, that's who. Tis why I still love her to this day!

*smooches...still smiling at that random memory*
this is proof that boys come and go, but your girls are forever!