Friday, June 08, 2012

Bad Writers Make Us Weep

Recently, a friend and I were briefly discussing a "poet" we both know who is just...not that great a poet. Basically his work has not evolved past the pandering-to-women-who-wouldn't-know-real-poetry-if-it-Chris-Brown'd-them-in-the-face stage, but I guess to each his own, right?

Anyway, we were baffled at what appeared to be a scheduled showcase for him, and we were all "WHY?? He sucks!!" But then I reminded my friend that this guy writes what he writes because stupid girls fall for it and swoon and boost his ego about it. To which she replied:

"Girls drop their panties for the least nowadays. That's why we can't do better; [this guy's] poems are why pay equality didn't pass."

And then I died from laughing hysterically. This is my ghost typing. Say hi!

*smooches...trying not to be a snob and failing miserably*
so instead I'll just embrace my elitist attitude and move on