Monday, June 18, 2012

For Just $10 You Can Own A Piece Of Jaded History

Last month I was invited to participate in a reading in Princeton, New Jersey, and was told that there would be a table for us to sign or sell books if we had any. Well, obviously I didn't have any, but I thought "How cool would it be to have books to sign at this reading?" However I didn't have a novel or a collection of short stories anywhere near being published, and either way I wasn't keen on self-publishing them-I am insistent on waiting for a publisher to woo me-but I did have this blog and its 1300+ blog posts. Thus a project was born.

After months of selecting posts, editing and laying out the interior pages just right, I'm now proud to say I have self-published a pocket book of my blog posts on writing. It's called My Ego Likes the Compliments...And Other Musings on Writing, and you can get it via Amazon's self-publishing company, CreateSpace. (It won't be available on Amazon for at least a week; the Kindle version is in the works for next month.)

It would be really awesome to see this little baby of mine "fly off the shelves" so please don't be shy. Buy a book. Give them out as graduation presents to aspiring writers. Use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Hold on to them for when I blow up, you can say you have a first edition copy of my very first book. And if you live in NYC, I'll even invite you to the "book-release" shindig I'm throwing and sign your copy. That, my friend, is PRICELESS.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the making of this book and to all of you who are about to buy the hell out of it. The Jaded Empire will remember and reward you accordingly.

*smooches...moving on to the next project ASAP*
I have a free trial for Adobe InDesign that ends in 20 days so I need to HURRY!