Thursday, June 28, 2012

Appearances And Book Signings

First, let me thank all NINE of you who bought my book in the first two weeks of it's release. Clearly I'm not breaking any sales records with this little baby, but it was fun to put together and see on the bookshelf in my room. I make art for art's sake, after all. The money is definitely nice, but more importantly, I have a book- it's the coolest feeling!

All that said, I'm starting to organize a summer schedule of readings; a "book tour" of sorts without actually calling it a book tour. It's not like I wrote a novel or anything, but I'd still like to promote my hard work.

If you've bought a book and want it signed, want to buy a book and have it signed, or just love me and literature in general, here's where you can indulge and stalk me:

Sunday, July 1, 7PM: 
Bodega Wine Bar//24 St. Nicholas Avenue//Brooklyn, NY

Monday, July 2, 7PM: 
The Nexus Lounge//76 East 1st Street//New York, NY

Friday, July 6, 6PM: 
Word Up Community Bookstore//4157 Broadway//New York, NY

Sunday, July 22, 4PM: 
La Casa Azul Bookstore//143 E. 103rd Street//New York, NY

Also of note, not only can you purchase my book on CreateSpace and Amazon, it will be on the shelves at Word Up Community Bookstore and La Casa Azul Bookstore starting in July. Get your copy today!

*smooches...buying more ink for my Mont Blanc*
after I dazzle audiences with my amazing talent, I just know the books will fly off the shelves!