Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This Is Your Artery On Fries

A few years ago, Cathi and I went to the Bodies exhibit at the seaport to get a real good look at what our innards look like. It was fascinating! Mostly, it made me think about the impurities I allowed to enter my body and how the amount of body fat I allowed to linger on me would affect my health. I dare say the exhibit contributed to Cathi giving up cigarettes for good. It was an eye-opener and I recommend everyone see this exhibit if it's in your town.

I remembered this trip to the museum when I recently read an article where famous southern foodie, Paula Dean, was quoted as saying "I didn't choose diabetes..." after admitting to having the disease for a couple of years, even as she promoted severely unhealthy recipes on her cooking show (I was shown a link for her Deep Fried Butter recipe and I almost threw up).


Oh, Paula. You may not have chosen diabetes, but you certainly invited it into your temple every time you ate the crap you were eating and opted for a night on the couch instead of in the gym. Listen, I read the Science Times. I watched my grandmother suffer the effects of and finally succumb to diabetes. You can't tell me that in Paula Dean's case, diabetes was just lurking about waiting to pick on an innocent bystander and afflict them.

A Jaded original drawing/re-enactment; may not be accurate.

That's not how it works. She facilitated it; regardless if she wanted the disease or not, she did nothing to prevent it. People who develop all types of maladies born of their own actions, in my opinion, need to stop acting like this was something awful that happened to them out of the blue. I do wish Ms. Dean well, but I found her statement to be irresponsible. We're in an age where people want to blame the alignment of the planets n shit for their problems and it needs to stop. Obesity, poor health, lack of proper physical fitness is a huge problem in this country, and Ms. Dean's passing-of-the-buck just won't cut it.

You did choose diabetes, Paula. One piece of deep-fried-butter at a time.

*smooches...sick and tired of excuses*
sometimes I just want to SHAKE people...