Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"...I Came Here To Get On Bad..."

Because I cannot afford to travel to Trinidad and Tobago just yet, the Carnival season doesn't start for this newbie until after the Soca Monarch winners have been announced. So roughly right around Ash Wednesday is when I'm in full swing obsession over the latest tunes. This will be my second full year as a soca music enthusiast and let me tell you- my love for this genre of Caribbean music is not waning. Not even a little bit. I honestly can't recall listening to much of anything else since February 22.

So while I'm busy planning and plotting to hit up as many stateside West Indian carnivals this year, I thought I'd leave you with two different DJ mixes to download (click HERE and HERE) of some of the best 2012 tunes, as well as some of the accompanying videos below.

A lot of my other faves don't have actual videos or performances so I'm only putting up seven videos even though it's making my left eye twitch to not have ten. But be sure to look up Destra Garcia, Benjai and Swappi for some more hotness. Or just keep it planted at IslandMix.com.

You can thank me later. In cash. Or plane fare to TnT Carnival 2013.

*smooches...waving my rag and mashing up di place*
how can you not love this music? it's great for an instant pick me up!