Monday, March 26, 2012

For The Love Of Wellness

In February, I hosted a wellness workshop with The F$%K-It List, something she and I had chatted about last year and we somehow, in between our very busy family and professional lives, made happen. We invited two trainers to demonstrate fun workouts to our attendees, and a holistic health counselor to offer tips on lifestyle changes that will help improve your overall health. It was a success.

Soon after we realized if we wanted to plan more events, we'd need to really get organized. So we officially started Baobab Wellness, a comprehensive site to help our readers find the perfect mind-body-soul balance in their lives.

We're super proud of this endeavor and I hope you all visit our site (often). More importantly, we hope you use the site to take whatever isn't working in your life and make it better.

(c) 2012 Marcin Kaliski
Who'd a-thunk that your favorite, Jaded couch potato would help start a wellness site? Child. End of days, for sure. Repent now!

*smooches...excited about this new venture*
special shout out to the homie Michelle for not strangling us through the whole site-building process. we owe her many cases of alcohol!