Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Sanity Lost, Some Sanity Found

Right before it was decided that Joshua, my old computer, needed to be replaced, I thought it a good idea to backup all my data in preparation for Joshua III. Smart, right? One would think. Except instead of pressing BACKUP I pressed SYNC which, in case you didn't know, like I didn't know, are NOT THE SAME THING.

My absentmindedness cost me the thousands and thousands of songs I had saved on the external hard drive- some bought from Amazon, some from iTunes, some gotten through old zshare links from friends and some I got from borrowing CDs from the public library. None of them saved anywhere else. All of them now gone.

The moment I realized what I had done (weeks later) AND that the few songs recovered on the external hard drive weren't transferring over correctly because the drive caught the same virus Joshua had or something, I sat perfectly still, staring at Joshua III and trying not to fall apart. Trying not to do bodily harm to myself for being so stupid. Trying not to take it out on the beautiful new computer Mari gifted me. "This is a live and learn moment, Raquel. Please do not lose your shit," I told myself out loud. "You can get them all back little by little. Please get up from this chair, throw some water on your face and take a nap."

(Yes, sometimes I have to have conversations with myself out loud or else...)

The next day, after I vegged out in front of the computer with some old "30 Rock" episodes, I began to comb my Gmail account for the links to albums friends had sent me in the past. Some of them were dead (the links, not the friends!) but some of them still worked. I calmly uploaded the songs I could and made note of the ones I needed to get. Then I remembered- I had a stack of CDs I had burned prior to 2006 that Marcin was holding for me (YES, since 2006) after I abruptly left the magazine where we both worked. Those CDs made up the bulk of the music I had saved on ol' Joshua and all of a sudden they were the most important things in the world to me!

When I finally got them back OH THE JOY I FELT IN MY HEART! There were songs on there I didn't even remember having! And today- this rainy, running-late, forgot-to-eat-breakfast-and-pack-lunch, left-my-debit-card-in-my-bag-when-I-went-to-Old-Navy-to-shop-for-N, day, I found a smaller stack of CDs that were labeled "Rocky's Tunes" and "Travel Mix" from 2008 and 2009. On "Travel Mix, Vol. 1" were the most awesome and ratchet rap & reggae songs that I love love love and it amazed me how this dusty find could take my frown and LITERALLY turn it upside down:

I don't even know where I got these songs from but THANK GOD FOR THEM ALL.

Now no one has to die.

*smooches...grooving inappropriately all day*
listen, whatever it takes to get through the day...