Friday, October 29, 2010

"God And Other Artists Are Always A Little Obscure"

It’s a chilly Friday here in good ol’ Brooklyn, so I’ll keep it simple and pleasant today.

The Jaded NYer is a lover of the fine arts- you heard it here first. Now, I was only afforded the gift of the written word in that category, but I still love to surround myself with everything artistic that is at my disposal. Good music, great photography, beautiful paintings, thought-provoking cinema, and the fluidity of the ballet- you know I love it all. So today I want to draw your attention to two painters that I’ve met recently that have made me step back and just go, “WOW” that I think you all will love.

First up is Brian Kirhagis, an artist from Baltimore residing in Long Island whose work was so beautiful I wrote a feature article on him for XI Magazine (you can read it by clicking here). My favorite piece is Tied Up, and the story behind the painting is even better than the work itself!

The other artist, Emma Trincal, I only met yesterday on my way to K’s school for parent-teacher conferences. She’s showing some magnificent paintings at ShopTalk & Art Gallery (on Lafayette across from BAM) until November 4th and TRUST ME- you’re going to want to see her stuff. One oil painting in particular caught my eye, Night Visitor, so if anyone has a G to spare and wants to get it for me, I’ll be forever grateful.

With all of this beauty waiting for you in this wretched world, why don’t you all forgo all this paganistic Halloween crap this weekend and indulge in some fine art instead?

*smooches...wishing you a safe and art-filled weekend*
When you check out these artists, tell them Raquel sent you...