Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing Babies

I had the best time with the babies this weekend- all three of them. I went to scoop up Miss Olivia and the four of us hung out, made a pie and then went to visit my Penzo grandmother. She was such a well-behaved doll!

I mean, look at this video:

Like, why is she so cute? And why is K so damn tall? And most importantly, why was N in the background doing the MOST?! The fist pumping... pelvis thrusts... I CANNOT!

Listen, I'd barely slept the night before and all the suspended train service was getting on my damn nerves, but Sunday was still alright with me.

*smooches...reliving Sunday afternoon right this minute*
and can we please talk about WHY Miss Olivia knows the words to this song? It's all cute and games until she's rapping along to Wacka Flacka!