Friday, October 01, 2010

Jaded Empire Business Meeting Vol. 2

It's time to get serious, folks.

By 2015, The Jaded Empire Media Company will be in full swing- launched, putting out product, ready for action (and profits!). This is not that far off at all. It's right around the freakin corner, so we need to get off our collective asses and do some serious work.

Obviously, for now, I'll be doing the bulk of the work, along with my sassy southern 1st lieutenant, Smarty Jones. This, however does not mean the rest of you will be allowed to sit back and chill and then show up at our offices looking for a paycheck. NosireeBOB!

In our LAST MEETING I gave you all an update on what I was working on. I'm still working on all that, plus some other things. In fact, come November I will have AMAZING news for you all but I can't spill the beans just yet. Additionally, I've started looking for writing grants and fellowships that will allow me to make a lot of my Jaded Empire projects a reality. Here's where some of you can help:

1- If you're good at grant writing, CONTACT ME. I borrowed a book from the library but it's no comparison to actually working with someone who has successfully done it before.

2- If you know of a grant or fellowship that would be great for me SEND IT. I only have but so many hours to surf the net these days! You can all be my extra pairs of eyes and ears.

3- Become a part of the Jaded Empire Street Team. All you have to do is help me publicize events, projects, etc. It's as simple as forwarding an email, blog post or handing out a postcard.

4- Donate. *sigh* I hate to even ask, but if you got it like that, or knows someone who has it like that, we are not too proud to take your money (SEE PAYPAL INFO TO THE RIGHT).

5- SUPPORT! This is the most important one. If you're in the NYC tri-state area and can attend events, etc, you really should. If your friends see you there they'll get curious and come out, too. And then they'll tell a friend, and so on, and so on, and so on...

Let's get on this and make OUR empire the BESTEST empire anyone ever did see, deal?

Now before some of you come at me with the, "I already do all this for you," RELAX! We keep track of everyone who has helped us out in the past and wholly appreciate everything you do and have done for this all to come together. Big sloppy kisses and booty gropes to all of you!

Also, I want to thank you ALL for all of your encouragement, support, rallying and well, just being awesome folks all-around. A lowly blogger like me couldn't ask for better minions readers.

* ready to order my throne office supplies*
is it wrong to already be giddy?