Monday, October 04, 2010

You Can't Get THERE From HERE...

And by HERE I mean Self-Sabotage Island, which is where many of us- yeah, I'm included in that mix- seem to reside. Well if we're going to take this world by storm and leave our mark, we need to build a raft of coconuts w/the Professor and leave this blasted place.

"Oh were it that easy..."

I didn't say it would be easy, but luckily for you, tonight's episode of Monday Musings is all about ways to keep yourself from fucking up your life.

Listen, it's never too late to drink a case of get right, trust me. If Madonna can reinvent her marginally talented self three-trillion times then so can you. So tonight, The F$%k-It List and I will guide you through the best way to have a successful life, whatever that means to you, with as little self-imposed obstacles and stress as possible.

So tune in tonight as we dish out the tough love you all so desperately need. Don't make us come get you!

*smooches...building an army to take over the world*
are you in or are you pussy??