Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blood In, Blood Out

The older I get, the less inclined I am to make new friends. I have my little core group, my ride or die posse, my consiglieries. I have little interest in new people, unless they are so awesome, I'd be stupid not to befriend them.

Now I know that this blog is probably read by people I've never met and might not ever meet. That's cool. Hope you're all enjoying the insanity I place before you. But for the most part it's my inner circle of lovelies that interact with me online.

And I like it that way- small, intimate, comfy.

So for someone to just pop in outta the blue and have the audacity to request to be on MY blogroll, and offer to add me to THEIR blogroll because it will drive more traffic my way... well obviously this person has NO IDEA how this blogging game works, and they ESPECIALLY don't know how I run this.

With the exception of a few people with whom I only interact online, I KNOW everyone on my blog roll. They're there because I consider them a friend and I think what they write about complements what I write about and we're a little family. If this person, who asked to be added, had done their research (looked through my archives, clicked on the other blogs) they would have realized that The Jaded NYer is enveloped in velvet ropes and the gatekeepers are big, surly assholes who, even if you're ON the list, might not let you in.

Don't come in here all brand new and shit and try to be down. It just doesn't work like that! Am I being elitist and bitchy over something so trivial and stupid? YES. Do I give a fuck? NO. I don't like to be told how to run my own site. If this person had just left it alone after I said no, this would have been a different post, probably about my kids being grounded or something. But no, they had to try and get the last word in, as if more traffic to my blog impresses me. Fuck outta here with that noise! We're a tight group here; we don't take too kindly to strangers.

The worst part? THEIR site was so UNJaded-like. It was some web portal about romance and dating... HUH?

Yeah, this person was clearly barking up the wrongest tree in the wrongest forest of the wrongest village on the internet.

Someone please buy them a map...

*smooches...with a side of snark just because*
oooh, that felt good. I haven't ranted about something in a very long time. I'm BACK, baby!