Friday, February 06, 2009

"...A Rose By Any Other Name..."

I get bored a lot in my tiny apartment, and yeah I could be cleaning or writing but that sounds too much like work. And when you ALREADY spend the entire day writing for pay, writing for fun kind of loses its luster. "Be careful what you wish for..."

So one boring day, just for fun, I looked up the meaning of my name. I'd done so in the past, but every reference is slightly different so I look it up a lot. (GOD! I sound sooooo pathetic! I swear I'm tons o' fun. For real. Do not judge me by this blog post. Please?)

And because I'm obsessive-compulsive like that, I looked up my family's names, too. For those that know us, tell me what you think- were we given the right names?? HA!

I'm a Precious Lamb (stop your snickering RIGHT THIS MINUTE, CARAJO!)
K is a Wise Child
N is Pleasant and Delightful
Mami is Merciful
Titi Gloris is, well, full of Glory
Minnie is the Goddess of Wisdom
Mari- Bitter or Bitter Sea (for Mariel)
Papi is He Who is Like God
Grandma's name means God Has Healed
My wack-ass biological father's name means Protector. What a cruel joke.
And Mari's dad's name mean's Reborn. Into what, I don't know.

So that's my tiny nuclear family.

What about you- what does your name mean?? Does it fit you? Why or why not? I'm dying to find out!!!

*smooches...easing you into the weekend with an interactive post*
everybody likes those, right?