Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Living My Life Offline

My dear sweet readers... you know I love you like family, right? In fact- some of you are actually blood-relatives, or I've known you so long your last name might as well be Penzo (although, thank your lucky stars it's NOT! lol).

And you know I enjoy bringing you something hilarious, informative, entertaining and uplifting to read Monday thru Friday, right?

OK. I'm glad you know this, because I don't want you to freak out if you notice me pulling away from certain social media sites here and there from now on. This includes Twitter and Facebook, and possibly even the comment section of your blog (even though I'm still reading, I swear!).

The reason? Well... I've gotten a bit of a life, you know, and that requires me to pull away from the computer. And thanks to a post from Amber "Bam" Cabral (if you're not reading her blog, you're a loser) I got this boost to, you know, just do what I have to do and walk away from distractions that are killing my chances at success because of my addiction to procrastinating.

My K-Bear Baby is about to go to High School, my alma mater, actually, and I've made a commitment as a parent to become heavily involved in her HS education. Especially because this school can be a huge slap of reality in a kid's face- it takes tons of hard work to maintain straight A's at Brooklyn Tech, and what may have come easy to her in grade school will not at Tech. I should know... *hides HS transcript from readers*

My Princess N Baby, the other evil genius in the family, needs more activities in her life to harness her creativity and propensity to be an athlete, and I need to be there for that, too. Did y'all see the CUTEST pic of her on her skateboard? NO? Lookie here:

That's my baby!

I'm taking a huge step in my "Pursuit of the Pulitzer" goal by participating in that reading this Sunday, and I want to roll with it and get more aggressive about publishing my stories. I can't do that if I'm on Twitter complaining about the temperature of my office and telling everybody what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plus lets not forget all the business ventures I'm dabbling in, including Monday Musings, in order to be able to work from home and hand my boss that resignation letter I composed last year. Yup- I wrote that shit already because it's not a matter of IF but rather a matter of WHEN, and that, of course, depends on already having a lucrative Plan B and C and D.

And I may have other things going on that keep me busy and away from the computer sometimes. But that's neither here nor there so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

All of that to say that while Monday thru Friday will be business as usual here at The Jaded NYer, Raquel may be ghost from other online realms for extended periods of time because she's busy living her life. Her AND The Voices. (PS- Clementine says, "hi")

But I still love you. I promise.

*smooches...looking forward to the newness of Spring and all that it brings*
shit... did I just fucking RHYME?? Ugh... I make myself sick sometimes... CRAP! I did it again!!!!!!!