Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Black History Month, Y'all...And Other Musings

Tonight on Monday Musings, please tune in as The F$%k-It List schools us on Black History Month: What They Never Taught You in School. We'll also touch upon the significance and debate the necessity of a month dedicated to one group of people in today's multi-cultural world.

And just a lil incentive to tune in: I'd love for listeners to share a rare fact on the history of Black people in America and abroad.

The person with the coolest rare fact will win a copy of W.E.B. Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folks, so all you super-competitive book whores need to start googling shit NOW! Be there or be square.


FYI... brunch + a walk through the park + a quick beer at the bar = a really nice first date. But no worries my lovelies, nothing's changed... ya girl is still JADED!


I only saw the last quarter of the game (via a live stream from a German site! lol) but DAYUMMMMM what a fourth quarter it was! SHEE-IT, I have to admit, even though my team wasn't in it that Superbowl was exciting as all hell.

And now I sit patiently waiting for baseball season to begin... it's a countdown to March 6th, bitchezzzz...


You know what ELSE is cool about NYC? All the cool people you call friends, like the ones I hung with this weekend...

...and new people you meet when you're out and about, like I did this weekend.

You know what's not? All the WANKSTERS that walk among us, disguised as regular human beings... (R. Kelly look-a-like, I'm talking about you... in case you missed my drift...)


I'm so excited about so many upcoming things that I wish I had a fast forward machine... baseball, New Orleans, Chicago, the Motherland, Papi's visit, my tax refund (THANKS UNCLE SAM!) and subsequent payoff and cancellation of my two remaining credit cards, mis cumpleaƱos, Ks High School acceptance letter, spring, summer, fall and Yes, Christmas. I'm excited about all of it.

Aren't you???

*smooches...annoyingly chipper right now for no apparent reason*
WTF? okay, who spiked my Soy Milk with happy pills??