Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The Jaded NYer is scheduled to participate in her first live reading.


But before I get to the details, we had a great show last night! Thanks to The F$%k It List for co-hosting and the blog fam that tuned in and called in- you guys ROCK!! PS- Eb & Darius... you two... the banter I LOVED IT! Y'all need to always be in the chat room!

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Also, Brother Omi, for the simple fact that you CANNOT live the rest of your days and not own "The Souls of Black Folk" and that Arthur "Arturo" Shomburg's work was truly a major contribution to Afro-Latino and Black History... you win the book.

Drop me a line with the addy and I'll ship it right over!

OK, so back to the HOT OFF THE PRESSES NEWS!

So, um, yeah... I'm going to stand in front of a group of people and read one of my stories aloud. In front of people. I'm shivering already!! Part of me wants to crawl in a hole and die and part of me knows that this is step 1 of becoming the Dominican Oprah so I have to do it.

Dear Lord, I know we don't usually talk and I don't even subscribe to any of your schools of thought but I was hoping you could overlook all of that, remember what an AWESOME Sunday School teacher I used to be, and give me the courage to get through that reading without messing up or throwing up at the mic. I'll even promise not to make any Pope Jokes for all of 2009 if you do this for me. Honest!

Let the church say Amen!

If you're in NYC and you want to get front row seats to the train wreck reading here are the details:



Host:Odilia Rivera Santos

Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00 pm

Location: La Pregunta Café 1528 Amsterdam Avenue at 135th Street, New York, NY

Contact Info:
Venue Phone: 3475916387

Venue Email: http://www.lapregunta.net/

The New York City Latina Writers is a group founded by Alicia Anabel. We gather to share, critique and inspire each other. I decided that it would be great to share some of the members' works-in-progress with an audience.

There is a magical synergy that occurs when people hear the words that a writer has so carefully melded all by herself in her garret.

Well, we will be reading what we have thus far and hope you will join us and bring as many people as you can.

We are Latina, which means African, Spanish, Indigenous, suburban, urban, rural and jíbara intellectuals with a lot to say.

OMFG; I think I just burst a blood vessel...

*smooches...hoping my heart makes it to the 22nd*
it would really suck to drop dead before the reading. like, for real suck!