Monday, February 16, 2009

My Brain Is A-fluttering Again

And the best way to deal with a fluttering brain is to just let it spill its contents.

Are YOU The King/Queen Of Movie Quotes?
One of my twitter folk claimed to be the King of Movie Quotes, but he couldn't even identify a simple, recurring quote from the movie Clerks by Kevin Smith! What a fraud! So, who wants his crown... plus a copy of The Black List audio book? Visit Stranger Than Fiction and email me your answers- I'm closing comments over there so that no one can copy off of each other's paper!

3D Ritmo De Vida On Monday Musings
UPDATE-- TONIGHT'S SHOW CANCELED... I'M EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES (translation: Blog Talk Radio is acting a damn fool) But I WILL be back next week... Promise!!
I interviewed this cat Michael Tate from the band 3D Ritmo De Vida for Latin Pulse Music a while ago, and since they just dropped a new CD, Que Siga La Rumba, I invited him on the show to talk about it.

Make sure you tune in; I'll play a few songs off the album and pick Michael's brain just for you!

I'm A Bad Dominican
I completely forgot about Dominican Independence Day on the 27th and didn't even know that New York State has a Dominican Heritage Month from January 26 to February 25, ruining my chances for this feature story on Dominicans I'm working on from getting any interest from the local press. Did y'all know NYS had a Dominican Heritage Month?? Well, I didn't. Why didn't anybody TELL me?? And now the Dominican Caucus might revoke my Quisqueya Card... they're reviewing my file right this minute... wish me luck!

K-Ci And JoJo Are Brothers?
WORD? Why didn't anyone tell me? I just thought they were two crackheads in a band. Bothers? Really? But one is so skinny and the other is so...not! Genetics is funny that way I guess...

The Jaded Online Store
I'm still working on it. Or rather still planning on working on it. Promise.

I have the logo tees, 2 new calendars, greeting cards I worked on with Jack, the Alaska and W. Virginia tees, another line of tees that The Karrie B gave me an idea for and the very funny "How To Tame A Man" book I wrote for Kate's bachelorette party gift.

Not that anyone has any money to buy any of my shit, but still, if the economy picks up you should have that option. It's only right.

*smooches...trying to be brave for this Sunday's reading in Harlem by not thinking about it*
I will not throw up.
I will not throw up.
I will not throw up.
I will not throw up.
I will not throw up.