Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer, Interrupted

Ever since my separation and subsequent divorce, my babies have gone away with their father for most of the summer, leaving me alone to be as slothful and ratchet as I please. Y'all remember the blog posts; no need to rehash all of that.

Well, this summer things changed. K decided she wanted to stay home and work. Responsible little booger, yes, but she ended up NOT getting the job she wanted and is stuck at home anyway. NOT. COOL. In addition, I've kept N home, too, because...let me be honest: without K there to look after her, I don't feel comfortable sending N to stay with her dad.

Listen, he's just NOT the most attentive and alert person out there and he tends to just dump the girls at his mother's house. Without K there to be the voice of reason and keep order, I fear for what my baby will spend her days doing. N has to be supervised ALL. THE. TIME. She's not a bad kid, but she needs someone around who's going to keep her in check. If I'm not around that becomes K's job. If K's not around... yeah, I got nothing.

So in the meantime, the babies are home. I've had to spend money on groceries I hadn't planned on buying. I can only imagine what my ConEdison bill is going to be like (they're running TWO computers and TWO fans all day long. SHEESH!) and most importantly, they're not doing anything productive with their summer.

Wait, no, MOST IMPORTANTLY is that I no longer have the freedom to come and go as I used to have in summers past. Now I have to make sure there's food. And cook. I HATE COOKING IN THE SUMMER! Like, I really resent it when N comes to me and whimpers, "I'm hungry" because I'm all, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!"

But "here" they are. So please excuse me if I turn you down for event after event this summer. My dance card, as they say, is alllll full.

*smooches...trying to adjust my bearings*
eventually K will go off to college and N will need to learn to supervise herself. I suppose this can be "practice"