Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Fat, Apparently: A Healthy Jaded Update

Here we are, heavily into July, Ks Sweet 16 Beach Party right around the corner and this belly fat has plopped itself on my couch like, "Hey, bitch, bring me a sandwich!" Yes part of this has to do with what a certain fella said to me on Saturday AND it is PMS Week, but I also have a mirror that doesn't lie and clothes that still don't fit (insult to injury is watching Mari wear my clothes a helluva lot better than I do; just more evidence that I'm stuffing myself into garments of inappropriate sizes).

To that end I've been reviewing my journey so far- what has worked and what hasn't. What hasn't worked is fixing my eating and sleeping habits, which suffer under the enormous weight of my anxiety and depression. What has worked, or rather, what I've enjoyed, is Pilates, boxing and Socacize. I can't say whether or not they are working, but I enjoy those classes and feel pretty good after each session. Almost dead but pretty good. What's getting on my nerves? The injuries and (supposed? apparent?) ineffectiveness of it all.

Enter The Primal Blueprint. I came across this blog by Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple, by chance and everything I read is beyond interesting and feels like where I need to be. Sisson promotes a "caveman" lifestyle and diet- for life- to maintain optimum fitness and health. Right now I'm still in the read-all-about-it stage because it's not just a matter of eating this and not that, it's a complete overhaul of how we live our lives; it challenges conventional health "facts" about nutrition and requires deep emotional transformations.

I can't say if I'm ready for all that just yet.

So I'm going to keep reading Sisson's blog and newsletter, and peruse through his book next time I'm in Barnes and Noble, because frankly THIS LIFE that I'm currently living is not giving me everything I need. And sometimes you do have to throw out the baby with the bathwater and begin again.

Especially if you're still fat and "have a lot more weight to lose" like I do ::side eye::

*smooches...wondering how many will die so that I may live*
I'm imagining all manner of irritability from me if I undertake this lifestyle change. hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife... and yeah, I totally stole the tagline from The Vampire Diaries' subway ads LOL!