Monday, March 01, 2010

Ten Best Picture Nominees?...And Other Musings

Happy Monday, folks. Here's some more of why you keep coming here:

Doses Of Reality
You all know JACK, right? My dearest darling gay husband? Last night, this love of my life helped me put some things in perspective as I lamented not accepting a certain ex's invitation to vacation with him in Puerto Rico last month.

ME: I should have gone...
JACK: No you shouldn't have
ME: But who else is offering me a free trip to Puerto Rico?
JACK: The DEVIL! The Devil offers free trips to Puerto Rico all the time!

(And in case you can't decipher Jack-speak, that is loosely translated to "Bitch PLEASE! He's wack and you were right for staying in NY")

Ten Best Picture Nominees?
If you know me you know one of my favorite pastimes is cutting down The Hollywood Machine as often as possible. From their lack of color on the small & silver screen to the unoriginal drivel they force down our throats, I believe my disdain for the entertainment industry is well-documented.

And tonight on Monday Musings I continue on that path as co-hosts Smarty Jones and newcomer and fellow movie junkie Malik 16 join me in a breakdown of the 2010 Best Picture nominees- ALL TEN OF THEM- just in time for Sunday's Oscar telecast. Tune in- you know you want to!

Since Some Of Y'all Have NO Home Trainin...
Far be it from me to tell someone else how to behave in social media land, really, because I keep showin' my ass alllllll over this here blog, your blog, twitter, Yahoo chats, BBM- you name it, I'm acting a fool in it.

But sometimes, SOMETIMES, people need to be, err, educated on how not to get they ass e-beat. Enter Smarty Jones & The F$%k-it List, who both approached me about doing a series of "Blogger Etiquette" posts throughout March and April.

You can read the first one here: No Swagger Jackin'!

Something STILL Ain't Right
I spent the entire weekend laying on my couch watching episodes of Law & Order: SVU, random (read: HORRIBLE) Netflix movies and sleeping. WTF? Just when I think I've got it together I don't. Right at the moment when I kinda sorta have a handle on my shit I collapse. There's work to be done and an apartment to keep under control and kids to oversee but all I can manage to do is lay on the couch. It feels like I'm outside myself watching this slothy loser wasting her life away.

Could it be that my subconscious mind does not want me to succeed in life? Is that possible? Does that really happen? And most importantly, can I crawl inside my mind and kick my subconscious' ass?

*smooches...struggling to get off the couch everyday*
and now that I have this laptop, sheeeeiiiittttt, I don't even need to leave the couch to get online. smh. I'm a stone-cold MESS!