Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm A Icon Bitch I Thought You Knew...And Other Musings...

Hello my lovelies! How have you been? Me, a little better. Better enough to let go of my blogging hiatus and come back to my online family. Ready? Let's GO!

Holy Health Care Reform, Batman!
I'm sure you've all been paying attention to this Health Care Reform thing, right? It was all anyone on my Twitter timeline could talk about, and while I'm guessing from all the brou-haha that this is a good thing, I won't be able to really choose a side until I read the legislation in full.

But let's say for the sake of argument this IS a good thing and it WILL be a good thing for this country... does this mean I'll be able to get me some medical marijuana and Uncle Sam will pay for it? What? Oh, like you weren't wondering the same damn thing...

I'm A Icon Bitch I Thought You Knew
This is usually where I play some Ludacris to welcome you back to my blog, but this time I decided to pick a different artist... Trina. I don't know why this song brings me joy, I really don't know, but when it comes on my iPod I've been known to act a fool.

Spring Hair, Bitchez!!
Big shout out to my baby sis who hooked me up with the killer mother-fucking haircut.

Yeah, you're seeing correctly: I GOT MY BANGS BACK! And aren't they divine? I'm already hearing them speak to me, and they are RAUNCH-EE! I feel so sorry for the men in my life. Well, correction, the GOOD-LOOKING men in my life, because my bangs are big ol sluts and are already plotting to molest the whole lot of them.

Yes, The Ex Is Gonna Be On The Show
You asked, I delivered; K & N's father agreed to co-host Monday Musings this week. What are we discussing? Oh right like you care, like you're not going to tune in for the Coney Island freak show that you're hoping it will turn into.

But all jokes aside, we're actually going to be discussing a very serious topic: co-parenting after divorce, and I felt this was necessary after realizing that many of my blogland peoples are in not-so-great situations with their exes with babies stuck right in the middle. And that makes me sad. C and I have managed to not damage the babies too much; maybe we can help you, too.

Me And Writing Are Still Frenemies
My fifth reading (number three with La Pluma y La Tinta) was on Saturday and this time around, I have to admit- there were no butterflies. I did not throw up. My voice barely trembled as I shared one of my babies with those gathered. I think I've finally gotten the knack of this "writer" lifestyle.

Oh yeah, we're writers!

Except I keep having anxiety attacks about the well running dry. I want to make new babies but my muse is still on vacation. This not only means no new pieces but it also means the babies that already exist aren't getting the nurture the need to be really great.

Folks, I may have to start smoking weed again...where's my print-out of that darned Health Care Reform bill?

*smooches...only half-joking about the drugs*
just so we're clear: things are still mega-shitty over here but my outlook on things have improved. shout out and much love to the beautiful people in my life who've helped me de-funk my mood during this little break.