Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Wishes N Shit...And Other Musings...

I know it's the randomness that keeps you coming back...today's ADHD post is brought to you by my friends:

Support Your Fellow Artists!
On many occasions y'all have heard me complain about the decline of the entertainment we are force-fed by Hollywood n dem, but today I come to you on a more positive note. On Sunday I went to support the homie Tiffany Jackson at the screening of her short film, The Field Trip:

The Field Trip from Tiffany D. Jackson on Vimeo

And I have to say, no bias, it was GOOD! It had its creep factor, cheese factor and funny elements, just like a horror movie should. I'm so proud of Ms. Jackson and her short, and I can't wait to see her at Scorsese's Oscar party. Hopefully we won't be nominated in the same category in the same year because THAT would just be awkward...

April Fool's Shenanigans
If you're in NYC on April 1st, you NEED to stop by the Doghouse Saloon at 153 Orchard Street and get you some dranks from the guest bartender, Miss Eb the Celeb.

Not only will *I* be there, but so will some of the cooler NY Bloggers PLUS it's Karaoke night AND I've already told Eb to make me some car bombs allll night. Oh yeah, the white boys at the bar don't know what's about to happen...pray for them!

Birthday Wishes N Shit...
...to my girl Muireann of Bangs and a Bun!

Child I did NOT forget. Your "gift" won't be en route until this weekend because my life is upside down right now, but I know you will love it. *big sloppy kisses and gratuitous birthday booty gropes*

Blogging Etiquette
This is just a friendly reminder to check out The F$%K-it List's and Smarty's blogs every Monday for the latest Blogging Etiquette tips. Why?

Must I really threaten you in EVERY blog post? Just read it, dammit!

*smooches...acting a fool for spring break*
just because I can't go anywhere doesn't mean I can't GO anywhere...