Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Bangs Have SUCH An Ego!

Day Three with Bangs: Last night, on a friend's advice, I slept with a curler in my hair in order to shape my new bangs. Another thing I haven't done since I was a kid. N got a real kick out of it. I could tell she had an urge to point and laugh but, god bless her little heart, she fought it. She went to her room and laughed in private.

This morning when I blew it out it looked pretty good. Not straight-outta-the-salon good, but still hot. And then something weird happened. My bangs seemed to take over my brain. They hushed the other voices with quite command, and demanded to be accessorized as only sexy new bangs could be accessorized. They demanded a skirt, deep V-neck shirt and peep-toe heels. AND they asked for eye make-up. ME. In eye make-up. Can you imagine?

My bangs strutted all the way to N's school like they were Hollywood stars. And when they went down into the subway they sashayed to the bench like the platform was a runway. I could almost hear Miss Jay in my ear saying "Shoulders back, give me neck, c'mon, work it sister. Sell it to me!"

Then my bangs, accompanied by really cute sunglasses, strutted crosstown on 23rd Street, catching the eye of a construction worker whom I see everyday and has never made eyes at me. Today, not only did he do a double take when he spotted me, but he tapped his buddy on the shoulder so he could see me, too. And I knew he knew who I was because my tattoo was very visible on my leg and I've caught him looking at it before.

At lunchtime, my bangs kept bothering me until I agreed to take them out for a walk in the sun, and then they proceeded to flirt with three plain-clothes detectives on 2nd Avenue, a UPS guy on East 11th, some police academy cadets in a diner and a few Baruch students eating lunch outside. They just couldn't be stopped.

I'm almost afraid to go home; who knows what these crazy bangs will do next! Who do they think they are? Don't they know that I'm the Jaded NYer? I NEVER talk to strangers on the street. And the audacity of these bangs to bring the twins out- in the clear light of day- on a TUESDAY!

*smooches...thankful for the teeny distraction from my humongous sadness*
Como puedo yo borrar tus besos vida
Están tatuados en mi piel
Quiero de una vez por todas, ya largarte
Y borrarte de mi ser
Ojala y la lluvia me ahogue entre sus brazos
Para no pensar en ti
O que pase un milagro o pase algo,
Que me lleve hasta ti