Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Jaded NYer Goes (Further) East

I finally, finally, finally went on vacation- I loaded up the kiddies and returned to our favorite beach spot, Montauk, NY. I hadn't been there since 2001, but not much has changed. White's is still the best place to get everything. Nick's still makes a kick-ass fish n chips. The sky is still the clearest sky you will find anywhere, and the town folk are still the sweetest around.

Needless to say, I fell in love with that place all over again. N even asked if we could go back there next summer...for a month. You gotta love her optimism!

Here's my vacation- only the good parts- in a photo montage:

Me and the girls at the station, on our way there

N. defacing LIRR property

K. in the pool

My mom was there, too

And Lani

Us on the road into town

Don't my mami look so cute?

The view from Nick's

Me and N lovin' life

N's new friend...

Lani and her "special OJ"

Us at Nick's...after dark...

Sisters...nothing as sweet ever existed before this moment

And finally, the very rare, very elusive photo of a swimsuit LOL

*smooches...more determined than ever to become independently wealthy*
But u know I'm gonna take my chance now,
I'm gonna make it happen some how,
And you know I can take the pressure
A moments pain for a lifetimes pleasure