Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Observations throughout my day...

1. Tailored suit...kick ass cufflinks...polished shoes...worn by some pimply faced, wannabe trader Guido on the 2 train from Wall St. to Midtown. Buddy, here's a tip: if you were really making any kind of bank, you'd go to a dermatologist and get that shyt fixed. Like yesterday, okay, so I don't have to throw up a little in my mouth when I sit across from you on the train??

2. Job interview today for a freelance gig for a new newspaper...when I mentioned that I was fluent in Spanish, dude asked me where my folks were from. When I said DR he says: "That's what's up!" Huh? Excuse me? That's what's up? Is it, really? Actually I thought proper grammer, syntax and composure during a job interview was what was up, but apparently I was mistaken. Remember Hooked On Phonics? Learn it. Live it. Love it!

3. Tower Records, 66th and Bway, Going Out of Business Sale...DVD rentals were priced to sell at 50% off the lowest ticket price. Exciting, right? I had 28 Days, Citizen Ruth and A Few Good Men in my shopping basket. Then I flipped to the back cover and guess what I saw? 28 Days was marked at $29.99. Have you seen this movie? It is not worth no $29.99!!! Are they kidding me? So I gotta pay $15 for a sub-par flick starring Sandra-freakin-Bullock that I can get from Columbia House for $9.98 because some hotshot at Tower Records can't keep track of his money? Funk dat! Get a Job!!

4. I'm in this battle for my destiny with Karma (that bitch!), right? So why did I witness some poor construction worker unknowingly drop both his gloves on the subway platform and proceeded to do NOTHING about it? Even though I was at that station for a good 10 minutes before my or his train came- plenty of time to pick up the gloves and hand them to him? I really am cold and uncaring...who knew? The trick ass bitch counselor was right!

and i ain't in the best shape
that i've ever been in
but i know where i'm going
and it ain't where i've been