Monday, December 02, 2013

Deep End, Grown Folk Sh*t

But before we get to business, you know how we do...

Sometimes I'm loud and in your face, to cover up the silent screams in my head. Sometimes I'm quiet and pull away, to mask the trumpets of chaos that surround me. Sometimes I'll smile to keep from crying, and other times a scowl holds back my tears.

It's all a great deal of effort, being the person in charge. Being the keeper of secrets. And when all the food in all the land fails to fill that void that I-don't-know-what-or-who is supposed to sate, I suppose all that's left is my voice.

And, I guess, this blog.

So hello, again. Brace yourself for another bumpy ride.

*smooches...with two steps forward and ten steps back*
ain't life grand? I'm expecting a heart attack any day now.