Friday, December 28, 2012

Love Letter To The Night Sky

very similar to what I saw last night
You ever look up at the moon and think you're looking at a film starring the moon? The clouds pass over it slowly, then quickly, and it's as if you're watching one of those time-elapsed videos online. Except it's real and happening right outside your window.

You get moments of bright moonlight right in your eyes, and then shadowy shapes engulf your neighborhood. You almost expect to hear a wolf howl in the background, and every strange noise made by your refrigerator or the next door neighbor makes you turn around suddenly, expecting a monster to appear from the closet and face you.

It's a thrill, then a moment of zen, when you realize that, at two in the morning, everyone in your building is asleep, and most likely everyone on your block is in bed, too, so it's just you and the moon and the thrill and the zen. The thrill and the zen. The thrill and the zen. You can almost reach outside of your window and grab that little glowy orb from the sky and place it under your pillow.

Sweet dreams would surely follow!

*smooches...gifting you a late Christmas treat*
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