Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Lesson From My Blog Break

First- MY BAD that I forgot to greet you all when I came back from my blog break with some crunktastical tunes like I usually do. What a terrible host I am! Rock out to this and we'll call it even, yes?

So. I took a random two-week break from blogging, brought on in part by some natural disasters, as well as my need to reassess what is important in my life and what isn't.

IMPORTANT: My family and close friends//My well-being//Writing//Living my life like it's golden.
NOT IMPORTANT: Everything else.

One thing I have discovered during my break is that I cannot do everything. I cannot fix the world (at least not by myself). Also, I cannot help someone who is not open or ready to receive my help (you can lead a horse to water and all that good stuff). And I especially can't, or rather shouldn't, help someone who did not request it. This revelation alone will lift so many weights off my shoulder.

Y'all not about to have me out here going crazy trying to make your life better while fibroids the size of Mount Kilimanjaro continue grow in my uterus due to adrenal fatigue because I'm allowing myself to get stressed with your bullshit. Nah, son. Those days are over.

I wish you well, I really do, but not at my own expense. PEACE.

*smooches...chillin' like a villain*
heart disease runs in my family, too, so I can't fuck around with my blood pressure