Sunday, December 31, 2006

What a Difference a Year Makes...

JANUARY: I move into a quaint little apartment in the BoroPark/Kensington/Greenwood section of Brooklyn with my two girls. And by quaint I mean SMALL AS FUCK. But I love it nonetheless because it's mine and mine and mine. I visit LA for the first time and have a very memorable one night stand. So memorable in fact that when I revisit LA in April we hook up again. He was fab (hey boo- wassup?)

FEBRUARY: We lose one of our regulars at the basement hellhole I call a job and I start to realize what a bitch Karma really is...those of us left behind, however, form a tighter bond against The Man...

MARCH: Meet someone semi-decent from Yahoo Personals, but upon closer inspection find that he is WAY TOO SIMILAR to my ex-husband. I put the breaks on the romance and we remain platonic friends instead. Mostly because I lie and say I was celibate. What? Why are you laughing?

APRIL: Do my little LA repeat (just what I need) but am still in the basement and funky as hell about it. I meet someone else who's real nice (hi hon- feeling better?) and we embark on an ill-fated romance. You'll rememeber him as D, no. 11 on my list of beaus a while back.

MAY: Get trashed (and laid) on Cinco de fact that whole weekend is a blur of alcohol, pot and sex...good times, good times...Get re-acquainted with Lani (and I'm so glad 'cause I missed her so!!!). Plan and execute a FABULOUS 4-day adventure to Key West with Irene & Mari as we visit Celia for my birthday. We drink lots, go parasailing and kayaking, lay out on the beach and get VERY tan, smoke a little pot...okay, okay so I was the only one who smoked pot. Shut up!! D and I decide to not see other people. My baby sis graduates from Cornell- don't hate!

JUNE: My attitude towards The Man and my basement job worsens...I barely have the strength to not strangle everyone related to him, especially Little Bitch Boy. I take my first trip to Atlantic City, a birthday gift for Cathi (hi, sweetie!!) and have a blast (thanks to D who set it all up)! My firstborn graduates from 5th grade and the baby survives kindergarten.

JULY: I'm so fed up with the basement by now that I start a blog to air my grievences; so many people have come and gone in my short tenure there that it's unbelievable to me...I just HAVE to write about it! I get to cover the NY International Latino Film Festival again, and things with D start to get sour. We celebrate K's 11th birthday by the pond in Prospect Park.

AUGUST: D breaks it off with me and I am officially in a mood to end all moods: I stop eating, hanging out with friends and become obsessed with watching Love Jones and "Sex and the City" while eating cheerios. I go away to school and end up writing some really good, just-had-my-heart-ripped-out-and-handed-to-me stuff...graduation and my MFA are within my reach and I start OPERATION: FREAK THE HELL OUT. By the end of the month...I quit the basement. Rumor has it The Man is PISSED at my departure!! We celebrate N's 6th birthday, but I phone it in as I'm still reeling from my break up. I have a "light-bulb moment" buying a chicken gyro from Mohammed the Falafel Vendor...most of you read that post while I was still on MySpace...

SEPTEMBER: I start temping and working from home; I notice a huge difference in my appearance- I've lost 20lbs and don't even know it! The downsides? None of my clothes fit right and my face breaks out due to my new non-diet. I shut down my MySpace account and start blogging here for all of you. My LA hook up calls to say he's in Atlanta now, and whenever I want to visit...

OCTOBER: Temping ends and I'm left finding piece-work here and there. My thesis moves along at a snail's pace. D contacts me after a month of radio silence and is all of a sudden very chatty and very interested in what's new with me...I wonder why? Oh, yeah, that's right- he wants to sleep with me...I get to see FERNANDITO and friends live in concert and it so makes my year. I'm so happy that night...until I meet up with Hoover and he violates my neck! I get a new webcam and the IM's with Jack become VERY interesting...

NOVEMBER: I find a new job as a *gasp* writer in Gramercy Park, Jack comes to visit and I get re-acquainted with rum and vertigo. I get my first pedicure and survive it. I have the absolute-without-a-doubt WORST SEX of my life (thanks a lot, Hoover!) and visit my baby sis in DC for Thanksgiving (her apartment is DA BOMB!).

DECEMBER: My divorce becomes final, FINALLY and that gives my ex carte blanc to start acting like a grimy ass fool. I decide to quit dating altogether (it's just going nowhere!). My thesis takes a permanent vacation as a scorching case of fear of success disguised as writer's block sets in. As of press time I'm still waiting on a decision about my extension. I cancel all New Year's Eve plans to stay home and spend some time with me...and decide what "me" likes to do is write for you.

Happy New Year, everybody. Can't wait to see what 2007 has in store for me!

*smooches...'cause I never get tired of kissing you*
Ain't no feeling like being free
When your mind's made up
And your hearts in the right place, yeah
Ain't no feeling like being free
When you've done all you could
But what's misunderstood
(It's all good, it's all good)
Ain't no feeling like being free
I'm like an eagle set free
And finally I'm looking out for me
Ain't no feeling like being free
Cause my mind's made up
And my heart is in the right place, yeah