Friday, April 11, 2014

Who Gives A F*ck?

YO! Why did my coworker introduce me to this song? It's a wrap, now, dawg. Come at me with any mamsy-pamsy problem, and I will start singing this in yo' face!

"I don't use the car anymore so I have to use public trans to take N around all weekend..." ::points to video::

"We're out of snack foods." ::points to video::

"I never get to see you anymore." ::points to video::

"Can we send this email out today?" ::points to video::

"Is it too late to sign up for the reading you're hosting tomorrow?" ::points to video::

You get the picture. MAN OH MAN it's gonna be a great spring at Casa Penzo...

*smooches...with no f*cks left to give*
I feel so ALIVE, y'all!