Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I haven't been feeling well (of mind, body OR spirit) lately so OF COURSE I indulged in some heavy Netflix action this weekend. No working out, no quality time with anyone, no writing. Just me, my sofa and my computer. What was supposed to be a cleansing session of vegging out and disconnecting from the world turned into...not that. Why? Because I saw John Cusack's butt in the film The Paperboy.

It was not a cute butt. AT. ALL.

I get that he was playing a sleazeball, murderous, white trash, swamp-dwelling redneck. I totally understand that. But...his guys...I can't...

I've never said that my love for John was based on animal attraction. It was never even sexual, ever. It was always on an intellectual level. His essence speaks to my mind and it's a total turn-on. I was attracted to the person, and always just felt he was the kind of man I needed in my life. Just...a better butt wouldn't hurt. At all.

Needless to say I've not fully recovered from this yet. Oh, but the movie was good so you should watch it.

*smooches...trying to recover from this blow*
list this under the things I never wanted to see or know